Corneal Cross-linking for the treatment of Keratoconus

When diagnosed with keratoconus, it can be a scary or uneasy time. Fortunately, Dr. O'Day is one of only a few corneal specialists in Charleston who offer the ground-breaking treatment option, corneal cross-linking.

What is Cross-Linking?

Corneal cross-linking is a treatment for progressive keratoconus that stiffens corneas that have been weakened by the disease. Using the only therapeutic products that have been FDA approved for this treatment, cross-linking is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that combines the use of the riboflavin pharmaceutical drops and ultra-violet (UV) light.

This treatment has been clinically proven to limit the progression of this sight-threatening disease

Crosslinking: Overview

What can I expect during the procedure?

  • You will remain awake during the procedure but may be given a mild medication to help you remain relaxed. The entire procedure takes around an hour, however you can plan to be with us between 2-3 hours.
  • Numbing drops are applied to ensure you will not feel anything during the treatment. The thin layer on the surface of the cornea (the epithelium) is gently removed so that the drugs can penetrate the tissue of the cornea.
  • Next the Riboflavin eye drops will be applied to the cornea for at least 30 min.
  • Lastly, a UV light is used to activate the riboflavin and strengthen the bond of the eye's collagen fibers.

What can I expect following the procedure?

  • A contact lens bandage is used immediately following the treatment to protect the eye.
  • Patients can expect some discomfort and light sensitivity, eye drops, and mild pain medication is provided to help.

Cost of Corneal Cross-linking in South Carolina

Many insurance companies now cover the treatment. CLICK HERE to discover if yours is included.

If you have been diagnosed with keratoconus and wondering if corneal cross-linking is right for you, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. O'Day.  As one of the most experienced in cross-linking in the state, you can rest-assured you are in good hands.